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We would like to announce that the Diamond Club Love Fund will from here on be named the Kiley Daniels Scholarship. Named for long time DC Diversity player and newest hall of fame inductee Kiley Daniels. 















First and foremost, Diamond Club Fast Pitch would like to thank all of our Veterans on this very special day. Specifically, the family and friends of our Diamond Club players.

This morning Midwest Sports Productions announced that they are moving away from USSSA. I personally was putting teams in Jeremy McDowell’s tournaments when he was with NAFA prior to MSP. Jeremy is a friend and we wish him and all of MSP the absolute best of luck in their new venture.

Diamond Club Fastpitch is appreciative of all of it’s event partnerships; Team 1 Fastpitch, HFL, The Alliance, USSSSA, USA, Triple Crown, Top Gun Events, and MSP. We plan to continue to evaluate our options and do what is best for Diamond Club Fastpitch, our member teams and our players at all times.

On a personal note, I got into this because I had a background in Men’s Slow-pitch Softball and I have daughters. Like many of my Slow pitch contemporaries, as I got deeper and deeper into fastpitch, I got addicted. One core tenant that I have always held true is the need and value of female athletics in our market. I still hold that true today.

Diamond Club Fastpitch does not have a baseball partner at this time. If we shall ever partner with a baseball program our mission could expand. However at this time Diamond Club is solely focused on female athletics and our female athletes. While I am certainly a baseball fan, baseball is not our concern and not an interest of ours at this time. It saddens me to see baseball event companies attempting to get a foothold into softball. They see us a vertical market for them, but not as an equal market to them.

Any event company that 1) will give Diamond Club equal opportunity to earn our way to land on the right field, on the right day, at the right time to show case our players and 2) puts female athletics on equal ground of importance and resources with male athletics is an event company we will like to do business with.


Jason Walker

Diamond Club Fastpitch President

Diamond Club Premier- 18U Head Coach

Diamond Club Premier- 16U Head Coach

Diamond Club Premier- 14U Head Coach



Diamond Club Fastpitch is a 501c3 approved non profit organization.