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Press Release

August 6, 2019

Diamond Club Fastpitch is excited to announce that Megan Fansher will be moving to the 16U Premier team as Assistant Head Coach. 


Megan is a former college player and coach. She has been coaching in Diamond Club for 2 years as an assistant to Jason Walker on the 18U Premier team. 

Club President Jason Walker said of change; "I am really excited to have such a strong coach moving over to our 16 Premier team. Megan has been my right hand for 2 seasons and I know she can help us develop our 16 Premier girls. Megan is an incredible asset to Diamond Club and this new role will give her more responsibilities but also more freedom to grow as a coach." 

Congrats Megan!  

July 19, 2010

Diamond Club Fastpitch is excited to announce two coaches joining the Diamond Club Premier 16A staff. Kylie Perkins and Jordan Perkins will be new additions for the 2019-2020 season.

Kylie was a standout pitcher at Graceland University and DMACC. She was on the 2016-2017 coaching staff of the 10A Diamond Club Aces as well as the 2018-2019 18A Diamond Club Premier Walker team. 

Jordan Perkins in addition to being Kylie's sister was a standout college player as well. Jordan was a slapper and an outfielder. 

Club President Jason Walker is excited to get Kylie and Jordan into the program. "Everyone knows Kylie and I are close and have a great working relationship. I am happy to have her back on the field with us. I am also excited to get to know Jordan and have her wealth of knowledge help the program." 

Walker also indicated there is still more news that will be coming for the 16U team soon. 

Wecome back to DC Kylie and welcome to DC Jordan. 

July 18, 2019

On June 16, 2019 Diamond Club Aces coaches John Proctor and Rich McCoy resigned effective the end of the 2019 season. They informed club President Jason Walker that they are moving to another organization. 

Diamond Club President Jason Walker said "I want to thank John and Rich for captaining the ship this past season. They are both very good coaches and even better individuals. In addition to that both of their daughters are wonderful young ladies who will be missed. John told me that he made what he felt was the best decision for his daughter. I respect that 100%. Nothing but appreciation to those two families and we wish them the best of luck." 

Walker also confirmed that DC will still have a strong team in the 14A/Select division in 2019.  While he indicated would move away from the "Aces" name out of respect for another national organization, that quality team will still represent Diamond Club locally, regionally and nationally. 

Walker first built the Aces in 2016-2017. He lead them to an A level World Series championship and won 3 other A tournament championships that year.  Along with coaches Justina Frost and Kylie Perkins this team was a force in the midwest. Part way through the 2017-2018 season club and family obligations required Walker to pass the team on to John Proctor. In the fall of 2018 John brought Rich in for this season.